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Sean Janzen is a dedicated lawyer that pays attention to detail and invests in every case as if it was his own. Mr. Janzen has spent his career in Civil Litigation practicing in the California State Superior Court and the United States Federal Central District Court of California. His experience and knowledge are unparallel, it radiates through his work, the courtroom and it is something his clients have come to love and respect.

In navigating the world of civil litigation, it is important to have an understanding of both sides of the isle, and Sean has this experience. Coming from the world of civil defense, Sean knows what to expect from the other side when advancing a Plaintiff’s case. There is a playbook to civil defense and Sean knows what to expect from insurance companies and private defense firms in this regard. When advancing a Plaintiff’s case, there is no one better than Sean, he understands the system, he knows how to best position his clients for success and is by the side of every client, from case initiation through conclusion of the case.

As a Plaintiff, have you suffered at the hands of your employer? Have you not been paid fair wages, or have you been retaliated against by your employer? Have you been involved in an accident on the job? If you are a business owner, has someone breached a contract with you? Have you not been paid by another vendor or suffered other losses by sub-contractors? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you need solid and knowledgeable representation, you need Sean Janzen.

Does your company have litigation issues? Do you need civil defense from illegitimate claims? Look no further than Engels-Janzen, an association of attorneys. Sean comes from civil defense and knows how to fight hard against legitimate and illegitimate claims against you and your company. Claims against a corporation can be costly, employment claims, personal injury claims, breach of contract or any other claim against your company, they all cost time and money. Don’t hesitate another minute, don’t lose anymore money, protect yourself, call Sean at Engels Janzen, get the representation you need and deserve.

Bar Admissions
  • Supreme Court of California
  • U.S. District Court Central District of California

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