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Whether you are about to go through a divorce or were never married and are now in a dispute with your former partner, child custody is one of the most stressful family law issues you can face. At Engels-Janzen, we understand that the well-being of your children is your highest priority. It’s our priority as well.

Utilizing more than 15 years of combined legal experience, we work tirelessly to advocate for your children’s best interests and to protect your relationship with them.

A Basic Overview Of Child Custody In California

Child custody is one of the most important aspects of family law and one of the most personal issues one can face during a separation. There are two types of custody: legal and physical. Legal custody is the power to make decisions about the health, safety and welfare of the child, whereas physical custody refers to whom the child physically spends their time with. By default, each party is presumed to have 50-50 of each type of custody, so this subject is extremely important when one party should be the primary parent over the other.

The issue of child custody applies to both divorcing couples and unmarried couples. For unmarried couples, the process is called a paternity action, even though paternity may not be in question. In addition to determining where a child will spend their time, child custody decisions will also likely influence child support allocations.

We Strongly Advocate For The Visitation Rights Of Noncustodial Parents

Visitation is one of the most crucial things to noncustodial parents. It must be taken very seriously and handled with precision and skill. The time you spend with your children is priceless, and our attorneys will advocate aggressively to maximize the amount of time allocated to you.

Has your partner ever threatened to withhold visitation as a tool to get what they want? Have you ever been threatened that you wouldn’t see your child again? You are not alone, and you don’t have to tolerate these threats or behaviors. Visitation is encouraged in California and the parent most likely to foster ongoing and continuous visitation is the parent most likely to be the custodial parent. When you work with our firm, we will ensure that the court is aware of your co-parent’s actions, and we will utilize this evidence to build a stronger case for preserving your custody and visitation rights.

Talk To Attorneys Who Listen And Care

Engels-Janzen serves clients throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties. Your choice of attorney is important, and our free initial consultations make it easy for you to decide if we are a good fit. To schedule yours, call our office in Costa Mesa at 949-269-7709 or reach out online.

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