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A Costa Mesa business litigation lawyer handles a company’s needs for preventing litigation, navigating commercial and employee disputes, and handling these claims in court.

There are several types of business disputes, including:

  • Employee disputes, such as discrimination and wrongful termination claims
  • Business-to-business disputes, such as intellectual property claims and contract disputes
  • Public disputes, such as personal injury, negligence, and defective product claims

Trustworthy Guidance For Crucial Business Tasks

At Engels-Janzen, we understand that an important part of protecting your business interests is doing what is possible to limit future litigation and prevent litigation risks. This can be done with effective business protection planning. Our attorneys can review or draft contracts for many business purposes. Other areas in which we can safeguard or advance your business interests include:

  • Strategy for business development
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Employment/labor matters
  • Issuance of stock/purchases or sales of stock and assets
  • Minutes of board and shareholder meetings
  • Construction law matters
  • Conflict resolution
  • Drafting confidentiality and noncompete agreement documents

For commercial landlords, we can also advise you on the latest developments in Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Actions and represent you in landlord-tenant matters.

Advocating For You In Civil Litigation

If your business is involved in a personal injury lawsuit or an insurance claim, our attorneys can employ their decades of combined experience in civil litigation. They are skilled negotiators and understand how to close claims quickly and cost-effectively. We understand the needs of a commercial business, including how to effectively protect your reputation and your bottom line.


Q: What Is Litigation in Business Law?

A: Litigation occurs when a case goes to court rather than be resolved through an out-of-court settlement. Business law litigation occurs when a business dispute or agreement cannot be negotiated effectively outside the court through alternative dispute resolution methods, including arbitration and mediation.

Business disputes may include employment issues, breaches of contract, non-disclosure disputes, and commercial transactions between businesses. An attorney with experience in business litigation knows how to approach these complex disputes and effectively advocate for you and your business’s needs in court. An attorney can also help you determine if it is beneficial to remain out of litigation if possible.

Q: What Is a Business Lawsuit?

A: Business lawsuits and disputes can cover conflicts and agreements between employers and employees, businesses and subcontractors, and businesses and other businesses. It can also cover issues between businesses and customers, clients, or consumers. Business lawsuits are a subset of civil lawsuits. In order to be a business or commercial lawsuit, the claim must be related to at least one company. These disputes do not have to be resolved through a lawsuit, but it may be necessary as a last resort.

Q: What Is the First Step of a Business Lawsuit?

A: The first step prior to beginning a business claim is to ensure you have the legal grounds to make a valid claim. You can discuss your unique dispute or claim with a business litigation and claims attorney to help determine this. If you are an employee, you may be required to take other action prior to filing a civil claim. Business contracts may have unique requirements. Review the statute of limitations that apply to your situation.

If you have the legal ability to file a claim, then you should file the claim in the appropriate courthouse.

Q: Why Do Companies Avoid Litigation?

A: Companies may want to avoid litigation for many reasons, including:

  • The process is costly and may be more than a company is able to afford.
  • Litigation may bring more public attention and negative publicity that a company wants to avoid.
  • The judge in litigation has the final say, and both parties have to comply with the decision. This is different from alternate methods, where both parties must agree on the final decision, which gives them more control over the outcome.
  • It may harm a business relationship that may have been repairable if the parties had negotiated the dispute.

Working With Clients For A Stronger Orange County

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