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Photo of paralegal Natasha Salvatierra

Natasha Salvatierra


Natasha was born and raised in Orange County, California and currently resides in Corona.  A Southern California woman, through and through. Like our family law clients, Natasha had her trials and tribulations growing up, so she knows how hard it is going through tough times as a family, so she has complete sympathy and understanding of what our clients are experiencing.

Natasha would rise above the trial and tribulations of her life, and she began her journey to become a well-respected paralegal here in Orange County and beyond. Understanding that education is a key factor in modern day success, she majored in Sociology Studies at Cal State Fullerton and earned her Paralegal Certificate at Fullerton Community College.

If there was a word to describe Natasha it would be dedication. The level of dedication she gives to every case is beyond reproach. Our clients feel a sense of comfort just knowing she is there when they need assistance. It doesn’t matter what type of case it is, from complex litigation cases to simple uncontested divorces, she manages the discovery process, maintains the case deadlines, drafts pleadings, letters, and motions in preparation for the attorneys, so she is heavily involved in every case.

Understanding the stress and urgency of Family Law matters, she works hand in hand with the attorneys to ensure all matters are attended to with the care and attention that every case deserves. Our clients trust us to helps guide them from their first call through the end of their case. As part of this, Natasha also supports the attorneys in making sure our office stays in constant contact with all our clients. Communication is key, it is one of the oldest phrases in history, but one of the truest as well, and Natasha is the communication hub within our office.

When Natasha isn’t working to serve all our clients with the best service possible, she is enjoying time with her family. Recently Natasha’s family has grown, and we are happy to welcome baby Matthew to the Engels Law family. Mr. Engels always jokes with her that we have a future lawyer on our hands, he can tell. Natasha has a loving and supporting husband, that together they truly have a beautiful family with their oldest daughter Janessa. Janessa is very active in sports, and we all support her while she travels for competitive cheer and other sports. When Natasha is busy with work and family, she loves going to the beach, traveling to different countries, and when it’s time for just plain relaxing, she enjoys having movie nights with her family.