When is supervised visitation appropriate in California?

Visitation can be essential to help maintain parent-child relationships after the divorce. However, the court often considers various factors before including it in the order. Sometimes, there can be risks involving the family’s circumstances, making it challenging to gauge whether restrictions are necessary. In these scenarios, the judge can require supervision during visitations.

Supervised visitation involves having an impartial third party or provider present during sessions. An order may have this requirement based on the situation, including the following considerations:

  • The case involves violence and abuse allegations
  • The court has reason to believe that the parent may flee with the child
  • The child has not interacted with the parent for a long time
  • There are risks associated with substance use and mental health issues

The type of supervision may also vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the visitations. Sometimes, the provider can be a friend or family member if the court allows it. Other cases can have high risks, necessitating a certified professional affiliated with the local child welfare department.

Can a parent request supervised visitations?

The child’s custodial parent can also file a request asking for supervision during visitations. They can indicate preferences, such as the provider type, visit durations and other parties involved in helping the child go to or from the visits. After filing the necessary paperwork, the custodial parent will go to court to ask the judge for the order.

Doing what is best for the child

If a family has legal needs, especially after a divorce, the law has provisions to address them, considering any unique circumstances that may apply. A judge has the final say concerning visitation and custody arrangements. They will likely enforce a setup that prioritizes what is most important: the child’s safety and well-being.

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