How to preserve a custody order’s enforceability in California

Child custody arrangements can be challenging to track without adequate documentation. Fortunately, the court establishes custody and visitation guidelines through legally binding orders. This document can hold parents accountable for their obligations to the child. However, a parent may fall short and fail to fulfill their responsibilities despite the order.

Sometimes, these incidents can be reasonable, especially when the parents are still adjusting to the new setup. Still, this behavior can become repetitive, turning into harmful habits that can affect the child. To prevent these situations, the involved parties can take the following measures to preserve the custody order’s enforceability:

  • Ensure all details in the order are straightforward and easy to understand, allowing either party to take notice or action if a violation happens.
  • Have both parents keep a copy of the order in case someone commits an offense, necessitating either party to use the document as a reference.
  • Take note of all violations, documenting them for reference if there are severe issues over time.
  • Update the order, if necessary, usually if either party experiences significant life changes that could make them unable to fulfill their obligations.

These practices can help support any instances that require either party to seek help from the court to enforce the order.

Addressing custody order violations appropriately

Both parents can have the right to act against custody order violations. However, some remedies may be inappropriate based on the circumstances. Before taking legal action, parents can seek legal guidance to determine if other options are more applicable and beneficial. Having valuable legal insight can also help parents decide if they should adjust the order or use other methods to encourage compliance and minimize harm to the child.

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