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What provisions in an employment agreement can be unlawful?

Employment agreements can have a wide range of variations, usually based on the position, the job…

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Learning about LLC operating agreements and their importance

California is a popular state for people wanting to establish U.S. companies. Before you start a…

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When is supervised visitation appropriate in California?

Visitation can be essential to help maintain parent-child relationships after the divorce. However, the court often…

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Recognizing the elements of constructive discharge at work

Facing tough situations at work can be stressful, especially when conditions become so difficult that you…

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What are the valid reasons to adjust the child support amount?

Child support is often an essential topic during divorce because it has a significant effect on…

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What is the role of businesses in reducing organic waste?

Orange County‚Äôs proximity to Mexico and other Pacific Rim countries makes it an attractive location for…

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