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Construction defects are treated differently under California law, and builders and contractors have more legal liability for mistakes. Disputes over construction defects and issues can be very complex, and require skilled Costa Mesa construction defect lawyers to properly defend your rights. If you need to file a construction defect claim or have had one filed against you, an attorney is essential to be sure it is done right.

Construction defect laws cover issues such as:

  • Moisture levels in the foundation
  • The application of paints and stains
  • Fire protection and prevention
  • Structural safety
  • The waterproofing of internal and external systems
  • Preventing health hazards

If you are in a legal conflict that involves a construction agreement or construction project, you need an attorney with over 25 years of experience in construction. Attorneys Chris Engels and Sean Janzen, partners in Engels-Janzen, represent residential and commercial owners in construction litigation. We can also provide representation to engineers, contractors, architects and construction managers.

Understanding Legal Issues From A Business Viewpoint

We pride ourselves on understanding legal issues from the business point of view and work with our clients to understand specific project goals. Chris owned his general contracting business for more than 25 years and understands all phases of the construction industry. Our attorneys are well versed in construction law and civil litigation.

Our firm can help you with issues that include:

  • Contract reviews
  • Price negotiations: before and after agreements
  • Fraud detection
  • Contractor checks
  • Material and process verification

Our unique perspective and knowledge come from our many years of handling legal matters related to construction nationally and particularly in the California area.

“I thought that contractors had been ripping me off for years, so I hired Christopher Engels to review my current and upcoming projects. Mr. Engels took a hands-on approach, conducted a site visit, and provided a very detailed and professional review of what I was contracted for, what was actually installed, and how much I was losing.

“Mr. Engels saved me $11,000 on my one deck project alone and thousands of dollars on others. I never perform a construction project without his review – he’s worth his weight in gold.”

– Mary Anne Walsh, Newport Beach


Q: Is California a Construction Defect State?

A: Yes, California has construction defect laws, which exist to protect homeowners from improper and insufficient building conditions on residential construction sites. For contractors, builders, homeowners, and commercial residential managers, it is essential to understand how these regulations impact the making of residential structures and the additional reviews that must take place.

Homeowners or commercial owners of resident locations can file claims for defects if they were not informed of the defect and it is within the statute of limitations.

Q: What Is the Construction Defect Law in California?

A: The construction defect law in California is in the Civil Code Division 2, Title 7, Chapters One through Five. Title 7 encompasses codes 895 to 945.5 and is also called the Right to Repair Act. This law states that homes and residential buildings must be reasonably safe and habitable under the specifics of the law. The Act addresses water, structural, soil, fire protection, plumbing, sewer, and electrical system issues, as well as other aspects of residential construction.

Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations on Construction in the Right to Repair Act in California?

A: For most actions under the Right to Repair Construction Defect Act, there is a statute of limitations of 10 years. This countdown begins after the home is largely completed but before a valid notice of completion is provided. There are some exceptions to this rule. These include:

  • Issues with electrical systems have a statute of limitations of four years
  • Exterior paths, driveways, and patios with excessive or displacing cracks have a statute of limitation of four years
  • Irrigation and drainage issues have a statute of limitations of one year
Q: What Is an Example of a Construction Defect?

A: California’s construction defects uphold the right of homeowners to secure a habitable home, and some requirements of a habitable home include:

  • Doors, windows, patio doors, and deck doors shouldn’t allow water to pass around, through, or beyond the structure or their systems if it is unintended
  • Structural systems like roofs, foundations, and design should not allow water or excess moisture to enter
  • Basic structures, foundations, and load-bearing parts of the home should not have significant displacement, cracks, corrosion, or otherwise be unsafe
  • Plumbing, sewer, and electrical systems should operate as expected and not make it hard for residents to use the structure

Build A Relationship With A Firm That Knows Construction Law

At Engels-Janzen, we understand how to prioritize your interests, whether you are a commercial owner, private homeowner, builder, or contractor. We balance your personal or business protection needs with your financial needs and review options prior to litigation.

We are proud to help individuals, families, and businesses in our community using our knowledge of construction law. Call our attorneys at the firm’s Costa Mesa office at 949-269-7709 to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also set up an appointment by email. We are happy to serve clients throughout Orange County.

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